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Andrew Hooker specialises in fine stringed instruments - and operating from a converted church rather than a conventional city centre violin shop, has no major overheads so can offer outstanding value.

Violin buyers, whether the parents of students or experienced professional players, often have little idea of why stringed instruments are more expensive than something from the woodwind or brasswind sections. They are expected to assess stringed instruments artistically, just as a picture connoisseur judges old masters. With little knowledge of this market they commonly put their trust in the people who are doing the selling - a very dangerous practice. I am proud of my prices and take pleasure in explaining them. I expect my stock to be compared with other instruments from other sources.

The internet cannot replace trying a violin. A player should only decide to make a purchase after judging the sound and playing qualities of several instruments for themselves. The following pages, therefore, give a description of some of my stock as a starting point in the quest for an instrument. The stock changes all the time, of course, and while I try to keep up-to-date there will inevitably be some inaccuracies. Do please contact me about anything concerning violins, violas or cellos.

A brief buyer's guide can be found here.

Andrew Hooker Violins
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