Andrew Hooker Violins - Bows

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Bows seem to sell very quickly, and I find it impossible to present an up-to-date list. At the moment I have old French violin bows by Fétique, Bazin and Cuniot-Hury, English violin bows by Tubbs, Dodd and Hill, German violin bows by Nurnberger, Hoyer and Pfretzschner . . . and an excellent new bow by William (Bill) Watson, among others.


Viola bows: A really superb viola bow by Joseph Alfred Lamy (père), circa 1895, in almost perfect fresh condition. It weighs 66 grams but feels very strong. Then there's a spectacular gold and ivory-mounted bow by Byrom . . .


. . . and a variety of cello bows including examples by Bazin, Dodd and Lowendall