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Cello scroll

Kennedy Cello c.1820

Below is a lovely cello by Thomas Kennedy, made in 1820. (click for images) It has its original undated label, however it is inscribed and dated by the maker inside the back and underneath the table as well. (The picture was taken when it was being tidied up.) It's really very clean and is typical of Kennedy in every way. It sounds well and is guaranteed. Offers are invited in the region of £55,000.


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John Lott Cello c.1805

This cello was made by John Lott, (the father of the famous Jack Lott) around 1805, when he was working for Thomas Dodd. It has a certificate from W.E. Hill & Sons. It's almost perfect except that the varnish has become very crazed. It sounds fantastic, with a powerful bass.


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Cello by Paul Alexandre Mangenot, Mirecourt, 1910

Paul Mangenot is supposed to have made cellos for Collin-Mézin, and looking at this cello, it is easy to see why. This glamorous instrument is in lovely condition, and sounds very strong.


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More Cellos

I have another English cello, made around 1800 or very early in the 19th Century, (so, I suppose, Kennedy school) of a completely standard size and in good condition. For some unknown reason it sounds wonderful. This one's £17,000.

Yet another English cello, circa 1835, by Thomas Kennedy is now available at £30,000. Why so cheap? It has a tiny repaired soundpost crack in the back. But that doesn't affect the sound.

I have a German cello made in Mittenwald in 1845 at £8,000, and another antique German cello at £7,000.