Peter Barnes

Harpsichord maker since 1974

Peter Barnes Me Fecit Bath 2000
  • New instruments and repairs to keyboard instruments including square pianos
  • Maker of covered strings for clavichords and square pianos
  • Tunings, maintenance and hirings in the Bath area
  • Traditional soundboard painting by Sheila Barnes and Jennifer Douglas
  • Harpsichord Rescue Service Guide Prices Revoicing from 100 per register. Phone 01373 831498 for a free quote
  • Secondhand Harpsichords and Keyboard Instruments
  • Plans and Instructions
  • Peter Barnes, Harpsichord maker

    New instruments for sale:

    Double Manual Harpsichord

    harpsichord, click for larger imageafter Delin, 2x8', 1x4' plus Buff. GG-f3 transposing a'= 415, 440 and 466 Hz.
    Black case with red interior decorated with gold bands and Chinoiserie. Soundboard painting.
    £9,900 or £8,500 without decoration.
    (click the small image for a better picture of the harpsichord - 89k)
    Also available as single manual 2x8' with optional 4' and decoration from £6,600

    English Harpsichord, Peter Barnes April 2004

    English harpsichord, click for larger images English harpsichord, click for larger images A brass strung 2x8 harpsichord with walnut case and stand using the scaling of the London Bentside Spinet makers, Keene and Brackley, c. 1715 with a GG - f3 compass which transposes A440 / 415. This harpsichord has traditional wooden jacks, guides and keyboard, a detachable lid with solid brasswork and a folding music desk. The solid walnut stand detatches from the harpsichord and can be easily taken apart. The harpsichord is 6 3 long, 35 wide and 8 deep.
    Prices from £5,500
    (Click on the thumbnail images for better pictures) English harpsichord, click for larger images English harpsichord, click for larger images

    Bentside Spinet

    after Keene and Brackley c.1715. GG-e3bentside spinet
    Walnut case and turned stand, traditional decorative hinges and cedar nameboard with marquetry. £4,200.00


    Clavichord Double fretted CC-e3. Polished case and stand. Soundboard decoration. £2,500.00

    Clavichord after Praetorius

    clavichord soundboard CC/E short octave-c3 triple fretted.
    Case in Cherry or Sycamore.
    Very light and portable (1080 x 350 x 120 mm).
    Soundboard decoration. £2,900.00

    • More Soundboard Decoration

    • Other instruments made to order

    • Peter Barnes is able to provide plans and instruction manuals for the instruments on this page

    • Second-hand harpsichords also available on this page

      • Including A Zuckerman Italian harpsichord c.1975; a part-made double manual French harpsichord after Vaudry, Paris,1682; A copy of Queen Elizabeth virginals by David Evans; a double fretted clavichord kit made by the Renaissance Workshop Company; a Zuckermann virginal, c.1975; an upright piano by Broadwood c.1880; an Erard Grand Piano, 1863; a bentside Spinet by John Storrs and a harpsichord, Italian after Gregori 1726

    Second-hand instruments


    For further information please telephone 44 (0)1373 831498 or

    Peter Barnes
    46, Church Lane,
    Rode, Frome,
    BA11 6PN

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